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  • Chongqing Liyang medical Development Co., Ltd. is a hightech enterprise which is located in Erlang students Pioneering Park, Jiulongpo district, Chongqing municipality, and our company is mainly engaged in research and development of various types of chemical drugs, new formulations of Chinese medicine and health food. We mainly provide technical services for pharmaceutical companies in drug registration, improvement of production technics and drug clinical research. We have a R & D team of high quality and efficient; equipped with pharmaceutical equipments like fluidized bed, high efficiency wet granulator, multi-punch tablet machine, and also analytical & testing instruments like high performance liquid chromatography and ultraviolet spectrophotometer, intelligent dissolution apparatus, laser particle size detector and transdermal detector, we are well-prepared to offer the best service for you.  We have obtained 5 national invention patents and 10 invention patent applications, also 5 "New Drug Certificates" jointly with the cooperative enterprises and obtained 20 "Drug Registration Approval Documents" such as tablets and capsules for the cooperative enterprises and all have been successfully produced industrially, thus we are creating good economic and social benefits for enterprises. In 2015 ,we obtained 2 new drugs of type 3 and a type 6 generic drugs "drug clinical trial document." In recent years, we have accumulated rich experience in formulation and the technology for sustained-release formulations, pellet granulation and sustained-release coating. Our company is actively involved  in the quality of generic drugs and their consistency of efficacy evaluation work with the domestic pharmaceutical companies. We are eagerly looking forward to cooperating with you !

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